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What We Do


Songwriters resources

In Blophers Music, we gather aspiring songwriters.

They can be talented music composers and/or lyricists. And they are Blophers Songwriters!


The most amazing thing -  their masterpieces are ORIGINAL!

Blophers Music creates a platform for these talents to come together showcasing their work so that their compositions can reach out to potential users and be recognised



Classical Music is a skill! We scout, groom, nurture and create opportunity for talented aspiring musicians to step forward into the career as Classical Musicians

We prepare platforms of exposures for our musicians bridging to passionate Classical Music outreaches through live performances

Our aim? We make them the next generation of Classical Music Superstars!



We believe every musician's dream is to be able to produce own music and be heard all around the world.

In Blophers Music, we make dreams come true for you. We help you produce your very own Singles, EP or even Full Music Album! We help you market, advertise and share your music production.


Most importantly, we protect your music production copyright professionally until you are being signed by Music Labels as A PROFESSIONAL ARTIST.

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