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Image by Michel Catalisano


Classical Musicians Program is a project by Blophers Music to bring Classical Music to all levels of the community through live stage performances by aspiring musicians.


The project also serves as a platform for these aspiring musicians to be developed and be advanced into career as professional Classical Musicians. They will be nurtured and groomed through real live stage performances with their Classical Musical skills.

Check out our upcoming Classical Music events!

Image by Andrey Zvyagintsev


Are you still waiting for the opportunity to show your classical music skills on stage?

Is becoming a professional Classical Musician a part of your career dream?

Drop in your CV today. Be assessed and be selected for the program to develop your talents while we preparing YOUR stage as a professional Classical Musician. 

Image by Lachlan Gowen


Are you preparing to hold a special event looking into classy ambience for your guests?

Do you think that listening to Classical Music can only happen at high-end expensive venues?

Tell us more about your occasion. And we will tell you how we bring a sensation Classical Music concert to your doorstep!

Image by Clarissa Watson


Check out our upcoming events and secure your seats for a classy Classical Music concert with your loved ones!

Follow us for more updates on confirmed concerts. Please note that tickets are only available at our official online ticketing booth for confirmed events and concerts.

Enjoy the seamless experience to get your tickets for your favorite concert today!


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