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If you are an aspiring music producer, here comes the opportunity proudly partner with Blophers Music to let you produce your own album under your name!


Blophers Music Production Program is established as a platform to let you have the experience enjoying the journey of producing your own music in Singles, EP or full Album carrying your own Branding!    

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rights reserved

Blophers Music will not only reserve the music production copyright to protect your work but also act as the main promotion platform to share, promote, market, and advertise your music.


Our ultimate direction is to springboard your music career reaching out to a bigger music distributor or recording label to get you signed as Professional Artist.  

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As a Blophers Music Production Program member, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Professional studio recording (album version).

Up to 20 songs per year with production options of Singles, EP or Full Album.

Distribution to online stores.

On-going production marketing and advertising.

On-going royalties' collection.

Recording Session

production packages

Choose a package that tailor-made closest match to your music production requirements and register your membership today!


Check our attractive packages below:   

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